Lilac with Coconut Milk


This soap smells like being in a grove of fresh lilacs. It’s a luxurious creamy coconut milk soap that is sure to elevate your shower experience.

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Fragrance notes: Smells just like fresh lilac flowers.

Ingredients: Olive Oil, Organic Coconut Oil, Distilled Water, Sunflower Oil, Sodium Hydroxide, Shea Butter, Fragrance Oil, Coconut Milk, Castor Oil, Sodium Lactate, and Micas.

Weight: Approximately 4.5oz each, but sizes may vary slightly as these are hand-cut and made in small batches. Bars are unique like each of us.

Care Tips, HERE.

Weight4.5 oz
Dimensions2.75 × 0.9 × 2.5 in

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