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Making Soap
Makes Me Happy

Who is behind
Small Batch Soapery?

Hi, my name is Karey and I am the creator/soapmaker behind Small Batch Soapery, welcome! I am a Dietitian by day and first discovered cold-process soapmaking back in Oct. 2021. I purchased an online beginner kit – and I was hooked! I’ve been loving the process and creativity – not to mention the science, involved. Each creation is a small batch – typically only 8-10 bars each. It’s always an adventure to see what I will create and I just love that. Being able to make something with my own hands that people need and enjoy is such an amazing feeling.

Soap makes me happy.

About the soap…

Soaps are handmade using the cold process method, made in small batches by me, Karey. Cold process soap is where no additional heat is added to the ingredients – it produces a bar rich in skin-nourishing oils and contains natural glycerin, making it more moisture-promoting. These things make it a better choice than commercial soap which often has the glycerin removed to use in other products such as lotions (and to preserve shelf life). Commercial soaps also typically contain harsh chemicals and detergents which are drying to the skin. Small batches allow for better control and customization of the ingredients and design, as well as uniqueness. Soaps cure for a minimum of 4-6 weeks before being available here in the shop.

All of my soaps use plant-based oils, are free of palm oil, and are vegan, utilizing essential oils or cruelty-free fragrances. I use only skin-safe colorants and the soaps are free of parabens, phthalates, harsh chemicals, or detergents – a soap bar you can feel good about.

**It’s recommended that bars be used within 1 year of purchase to prevent spoiling – these bars have extra moisturizing oils (called super-fatting) added, which can shorten the shelf life.

My Mission

To create soaps that are both fun and functional while being earth-friendly and good for your skin.

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Due to the small-batch nature, quantities are limited and shop inventory is frequently updated