Soap Care Tips –

Care: Lather, lather, rinse, and repeat! When you first use your new soap rinse and lather it up, then be sure to keep it in a nice dry spot (out of water streams or sitting water) when you are finished, which helps to prolong the life of your bar. A soap dish to elevate it or a soap bag are perfect additions.

Salt soaps and exfoliating bars: Please be gentle – go very lightly with these as they may scratch the skin if used too aggressively (especially the salt bars at first). I highly recommend a soap saver or the use of a washcloth or loofa if your skin is sensitive. Also, lathering in your hands, then putting the suds onto your body works well in cases of extra-scrubby or salty soaps. These soaps do tend to soften over time.

If you do happen to experience any irritation at all, please stop and discontinue use.

**Due to the lack of preservatives, bars may be best if used within a year of purchase to prevent spoiling – these bars have extra moisturizing oils (called super-fatting) added, which can shorten the shelf life. Store in a cool, dry location away from sunlight.